In 2737 BCE Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea. In the mid 1840’s Anna Duchess of Bedford introduced high tea to the world In 21 Century the renaissance in revolutions of teas serving are inspire by Dilmah Tea as a world leading Tea Brand.

Take part of the Revolutions by the joining Dilmah Real High Challenge Tea for Cafes & Restaurants. Indonesia first 2 city  that picked to held the competition are Jakarta as the Indonesian City Capital and Bandung that known as the ‘Paris Van Java’.


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Dilmah Real High Tea For Cafés & Restaurants Challenge is a competition for Dilmah to looking local cafes & Restaurants Winner that can serve REAL HIGH TEA – Food match with Tea, Food Infused with Tea, Tea Cocktail & Proper Brewing of Teas. Judges will be looking for the perfect marriage of Food and Teas. At the heart of challenge is Dilmah’s wish for people to bring life back to Tea and to remember what it’s all about.







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